Tips for keeping for vehicle fit during monsoon

Parichay Malvankar
Written by Parichay Malvankar

While monsoon provides great relief from the heat wave, heavy rainfall and floods have been a cause of concern in India in the recent past, causing severe damage to vehicles.  If your area is prone to water logging, please remember to follow the below steps to avoid engine seizure of the submerged vehicle and evade further aggravation of loss:

  1. Never start the vehicle that is parked and flooded with water. Call the garage to inform that the vehicle is flooded and ensure that the vehicle is towed to the garage without starting
  2. Do not start the vehicle if it is flooded in the basement of an apartment. Remove the batter terminals as soon as possible and call the garage for help
  3. If your vehicle is an Automatic Transmission (AT), ensure that the vehicle is towed on a flat bed. If this is not possible, then the vehicle should be lifted in such a way that the front wheels or the driving wheels are lifted off the ground. If this is not done the AT gear box will get damaged
  4. Don’t assume that if a certain vehicle can get through water logging then your vehicle can as well. Placement of filter/snorkel in each car model is different and water entering this snorkel leads to engine seizure. Do not start the vehicle if it stops in a water logged area. Call the help line of the garage to help you and inform the insurance company too

While heavy rain or flood is beyond anyone’s control, you can evade unforeseen financial losses by buying a comprehensive motor insurance policy, without which, getting your vehicle repaired may cause a huge dent on your pocket. It is advisable to purchase additional protection by way of add-on insurance covers, which can be added to your current policy at minimal cost. Add-on covers like Engine Protector/Hydrostatic Lock cover will cover you against losses to engine due to water ingression.

In case of damages to your vehicle, promptly inform your insurer to avoid further aggravation of loss. Also, you should not delay reporting your vehicle to the nearest workshop. The list of workshops can be availed from your insurer itself.

It is only the insurance company that can reaffirm your financial security during such tough times So take an informed decision while selecting an insurance company for your vehicle as well as other assets.

Also last but not the least, drive safe, stay safe and enjoy the monsoon!

By K.G. Krishnamoorthy Rao, MD & CEO, Future Generali India Insurance Company Limited

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