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Tata Ace crosses 20 lakh sales milestone

Parichay Malvankar
Written by Parichay Malvankar

India’s No. 1 mini-truck, the Tata Ace has crossed an important milestone of 20 lakh vehicle sales on road. Over the past 12 years, every 3rd minute, the Tata Ace has given rise to new business, generated employment and inspired entrepreneurship opportunities thus transforming lives in the remotest areas in India. Strategically designed to perform all tasks for the last mile transportation, the Tata Ace continues to remain the byword for reliability and business success among countless small-scale transporters and entrepreneurs in India.

Introduced in 2005, Tata Ace has successfully pioneered the concept of mini-truck in India. Designed and developed for enhancing customer experience and maximizing revenues of the transport operators, the Tata Ace has always been an all-rounder in this segment, helping the operator elevate their business. The Tata Ace offers superior safety, versatile performance in varied conditions, ease of maintenance, comfort and cost-effectiveness to its customers.

Emerged out of in-depth knowledge and consumer insight, the Tata Ace family of vehicles has been constantly evolving, strategically identifying and filling gaps in the market ahead of its time. The Ace platform has so far produced about 15 offerings, based on Engine type, engine power & body configurations. Today, the Tata Ace family comprises of brands like Ace, Zip, Mega and Mint for SCV cargo and Magic, Mantra and Iris for passenger movement in rural and urban areas. Therefore, for steep and hilly terrains to heavy and dense load over long distances, for better power and better torque to better fuel efficiency and durability, for narrow alleys and crowded bylanes to intercity transportation, for captive applications to voluminous goods – There is a Tata Ace to suit every consumer need. The Tata Ace family will continue to develop and offer innovative solutions to cater to the evolving needs of customers.

Tata Motors has deployed workshops across all the zones to address the rapidly increasing demands of the customers. Expanding deep inroads across the country, Tata Motors currently has over 1800 service points and a workshop on average at every 62 Km. The service and maintenance attributes of the vehicle guarantee peace of mind to its customers. With the largest and strong growing network in place, a continuous slew of upgrades, new launches and specific marketing interventions, Tata Motors continues to be the dominant player and is making strides in the Small Commercial Vehicle Industry.

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