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Renault showcased the R.S. 01 and Eolab at the AutoExpo

Dev Jaising
Written by Dev Jaising

The 2016 AutoExpo brought a lot of exciting vehicles for car enthusiasts to drool at. Everything from the Camaro to the new R8 were on display. Some cars were on display even though they weren’t going to be launched in the country.

Renault displayed the R.R 01 at the AutoExpo. The car is a fully functional track missile inspired by the Renault DeZir concept from 2010 and the record-breaking vehicle that topped 300 km/h at Bonneville Salt Flats back in 1956, the Renault Étoile Filante. The car is powered by a Nismo-tuned 3.8L twin turbo provided by Nissan, the engine makes 500 bhp of power and over 600 Nm of torque. All that power is sent the tyres via a 7-speed sequential gearbox with paddle shifters!

The other car showcased by Renault was the Eolab. Renault claims the car gives an average of 100 km per liter, which is achieved by using a light weight body, better aerodynamics and full-hybrid technology!

The company will launch a production-ready vehicle by 2020 which will return a staggering 2l/100 km!

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