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Kawasaki India recalls the Z900 for fault with the rear suspension

Parichay Malvankar
Written by Parichay Malvankar

Earlier this year, Kawasaki launched the replacement of the Z800, the Z900 here in India. Now, the Japanese manufacturer has issued a recall for this naked superbike, and it is a part of the brands global recall for the model. All dealerships have been informed and customers will be asked to ride in their Z900 bikes to the nearest service station.

The Z900 motorcycles have a faulty tie-rod bracket for the rear monoshock suspension. When the suspension takes full load or bottoms out, the tie-rod frame mounts could weaken and result in a suspension failure. This could prove fatal if it happens at high speeds.

As a part of this recall, Kawasaki will inspect these tie-rods on all Z900 models sold in India, and will replace the bracket kit with a new unit. If the frame has been damaged so far, that would also be replaced. All of this with no cost to the customer.

Kawasaki has issued a list of VIN numbers of the bikes affected by this recall. Onwers can check themselves or contact the Kawasaki dealership.