Check out this transformed Royal Enfield Classic 500

Parichay Malvankar
Written by Parichay Malvankar

Royal Enfield has always been a way of expressing individuality for our riders .

Each of our motorcycles says something about its owner. It’s a result of a journey that starts with a quest to express something about themselves, often taking them to places and experiences that helps them find something new about themselves, paving the way for a motorcycling way of life.

Story of a fashion designer whose love for motorcycling and design helped him evolve from from pencil and paper to the hammer and metal. Bull City Customs signifies how design and form transcends beyond fabric or metal, helping their customers achieve unique expressions with every build. Transforming a 500cc Classic to a chrome drenched, low riding, hard tail with a minimalistic design. Watch how motorcycles helped Reginald from Bull City Customs transform his sketches to working pieces of art.

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