Maruti Suzuki dealer crashes Celerio AMT while customer is in waiting lounge

Another case of dealers treating customer cars in a very bad way has been brought to our notice. A customer in Thane, Maharashtra, took his Celerio AMT at the service centre to get a few issues checked. While he is waiting for his car to be returned to him after a quick spin, he is told that the car has met with an accident.

This incident has happened at Navnit Motors, located near Kolshet in Thane, Maharashtra. This incident happened on Thursday, 20th April, 2017.

The customer had taken his blue Celerio AMT for a quick check at the service centre. The hatchback has some noise creeping in from the front left, while a few days back the engine check light had flashed once, due to which, the customer thought it is best to get his vehicle checked by someone who is trained to do so. Little did he know that things would go from bad to worse, in no time.

The incident apparently has occurred within the service centre premises. What we fail to understand, that the impact as seen in the images looks quite sever, for which the car would have gained quite some momentum. Now, why did the car speed as much within the service centre is a question yet to be answered.

We are awaiting more details from the customer. For now, the dealership claims that they will take care of the repairs, and also offer a spare vehicle till the Celerio AMT is returned. However, a car once damaged, the owner will surely never feel the same about his vehicle. Also, if you own an accident free car, why would you agree to continue to own a car which is crashed by someone who is supposed to actually keep it running in top condition.

Also, the customer claims that another parked Vitara Brezza was damaged in this incident, as the Celerio rear ended the Brezza.

Dealers taking customer cars for granted is not a new topic. But it has to stop.

Would you accept your vehicle back after the dealer crashes it?

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