Kawei Auto plans to enter Indian market

Still a new player in its home market China, Jiangsu Kawei is eyeing an opportunity in the Indian car market. Considering ours is one of the fastest growing car markets in the world, Kawei Auto is optimistic about growth here in India.

The Chinese car manufacturer recently showcased their twin-cab pickup truck and a full-electric SUV at the recently concluded ACMA Atomechanika trade fair in New Delhi. Displaying the potential of the car maker, the specs of electric SUV were quite strong to make an impact as it uses an 80kW motor capable for 250 km driving range.

Kawei began their production of passenger cars back in 2013, before they used to produce various components for makers in China.

It is also reported that the company is already in talks with a potential partner in India that would help the Chinese car manufacturer to set up shop, for easier access to the market.

At the expo that took place in Delhi, the company made it clear that they are surely looking forward to enter Indian car market as it offers plenty of opportunities for growth. But the brand is aware that they will have to face strong competition and tough targets in order to survive the costs of manufacturing in India.

Kawei is a very small manufacturer from China as it sells merely 20,000 units annually in local as well as international markets. It has recently started to export to Middle Eastern and Latin American markets.

Would you buy / consider a car from this brand?


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Tejen Dhankhar

Tejen Dhankhar

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