Himalayan carries forward poor build quality of Royal Enfield

Royal Enfield tried to create a pre-launch buzz for the upcoming Himalayan by releasing a couple of videos, but seems like the brand has got things wrong and working against it.

In one of the videos, when the rider takes a very small jump, the RHS footpeg falls off hinting at poor build quality. This jump is much lesser than what the bike is built for performing in the Himalaya’s, hence doubting the motorcycles abilities even before launch.

While this video has already create a negative PR for the company, a spokesperson goes ahead to mention that they were testing the prototype to maximum to test the point of breakage. Who does that? And who showcases point of breakage in a promo video?

The bike is also going to lose the signature Royal Enfield thump.

Royal Enfield reveals that the Himalayan is powered by a single-cylinder, ‘LS400’, oil-cooled, overheard camshaft engine which produces 25 BHP of power on the prototype model & is matched to a 5-speed gearbox. The engine will have a very long 10,000 km oil change interval and 25,000 km spark plug change interval. The bike is claimed to cruise comfortable at speeds above between 80 – 120 kmph, where the current models struggle a lot. The Himalayan will have a fuel tank of 15 litres with mileage in the range of 30 – 35 kmpl.

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Parichay Malvankar

Parichay Malvankar

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