Chevrolet undertakes relief program for flood affected cars in Chennai

Chevrolet India along with its dealers has undertaken a slew of measures to support customers impacted by the devastating Chennai floods through a Relief Program. The program includes a number of initiatives to take care of customers’ vehicles in the quickest possible manner.

As part of the Relief Program, Chevrolet India has announced significant discounts on the spare parts. In addition, Chevrolet is working with the Insurance companies to help with faster settlement of claims.

A special exchange bonus is being offered to customers to replace cars in case the damage is beyond repair. Chevrolet 24×7 roadside assistance will also be provided free of cost to support customers in getting their vehicles to the dealerships. In order to reduce the repair time, the Chevrolet authorized workshop working hours are being extended for faster deliveries.

These efforts are aimed at helping our customers and their families rebuild their lives.

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Parichay Malvankar

Parichay Malvankar

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